Here is the 905 Tapes discography. Click here for available releases.

905.1: Tusco Terror + Wether "Giver" split C20
905.2: Fossils "Airport Journals" C30
905.3: Wether "Post-Cave Music" C24
905.4: Altar Of Flies "The Funeral Tapes" C30
905.5: Vestigial Limb "Lung Fluid" C20
905.6: Teeth Collection & Plasmic Formations Collab. C30
905.7: Leavenworth "Retention, Reunion" C20
905.8: Blown Doors "Blown Mind" C24
905.9: Torturing Nurse + Wasteland Jazz Unit split C30
905.10: Droughter + Gnarly Sheen split C30
905.11: Methadrone "Final Skull" 2xC20
905.12: Helm "Chrysalis" C30
905.13: Time Capsule "Bummer After Bummer" C20
905.14: Memes "I Will Catch You" C30
905.15: Sanguine Piss "No Horse Shit" C20
905.16: Pillars Of Heaven "Breeding Moths" C30
905.17: Caldera Lakes s/t C30
905.18: Arabian Blade s/t C20
905.19: Mike Shiflet "Opening Act" C20
905.20: Josh Lay "All Of My Dreams Are Dead" C25
905.21: Wether + A Snake In The Garden split C20
905.22: Head Boggle "Carillon Demo And Aural Sides" C25
905.23: Sam Goldberg "Cycles" C20
905.24: Heat Conference + Ctephin + A Vibrant Struggle "Druids" 3-way C92
905.25: Women In Tragedy + Dylan Ettinger split C30
905.26: Uneven Universe "Solar Grapes" C30
905.27: Mutant Ape "Prinsesen" C40
905.28: Exercise s/t C30
905.29: Circuit Wound "Constellations" C20
905.30: Blown Doors "Drug Punishment" C92
905.31: Hollow Bonez "Blue Blazer Irregular" C25
905.32: Inseminoid "Pagan Anorexia" C30
905.33: Neckhold "Black Bile" C20
905.34: Hunting Rituals "Junkyard Hymns" C30
905.35: Is "Rogue Wave" C40
905.36: Ospreys + Wilde Stallions split C60
905.37: Reviver "Crawlers Spit Black" C30
905.38: V/A "Brains On Backwash" C92 Comp
905.39: Kylie Minoise "Abnormals Anonymous" C20
905.40: Disguises s/t C30
905.41: Sky Limousine "In A World Of Discovery" C30
905.42: Budweiser Sprite "Trash On The Grass" C92
905.43: Relentless Corpse "Is Fucked" C30
905.44: Swamp Horse "Melted Gem" C20

905.45: Droughter "Roar Maker" C30
905.46: Wether "Options" C30
905.47: Basement Life "Typical Living" C20
905.48: Rambutan "I Saw You Running Out" C32
905.49: NPV "Composition No.13" C23
905.50: Aughra "Proof Of Dark Matter | Light The Lights" C40
905.51: To-Night Golden Curls "Fat Hot 3" C30
905.52: Futuresport "White Chimneys" C30
905.53: Fossils + P.N.S. split C30
905.54: Meditative Sect "Uneasy Coexistence" C40
905.55: Clerics "Born In A Lake" C30
905.56: David Payne "Feedback50" C92
905.57: Black River Error Band "Cosmic Battles" C30
905.58: Heaven People "Sewn Eyes" C40
905.59: Vestigial Limb "Sour Gas Kills" C32
905.60: Mildew s/t C20
905.61: Bruant Des Marais "Swamps" C32
905.62: Blown Doors "Crystal Myths/Crystal Paths" C30
905.63: Joe Breitenbach "Sing It From The Mountain Top" C92
905.64: Matt Hill "Acidape" C25
905.65: Frozen Body "Dried Up/Blown Away" C23
905.66: Arabian Blade "II" C30
905.67: Culver "Assassin In Drag" C40
905.68: D/A A/D + Nodolby split C92
905.69: Arabian Blade + Heaven People + Blown Doors "Live 'N Fried @ Weird" C62
905.70: Crystal Plumage "Sharp Wrist / Broken Hacksaw" C40
905.71: Travels "Dripping Down The Walls" C20
905.72: Endless Time "Removal" C30
905.73: Forbes Graham "Brave Grave 1: Trumpet" C92
905.74: Social Junk "Eight Years Ago" C20
905.75: Century Plants "Frozen Generation" C32
905.76: Wasteland Jazz Unit "Drained Vault" C30
905.77: Mossy Throats + Wether "Living" split C23
905.78: Pillars Of Heaven + Joe Breitenbach split C20
905.79: James Fella "Floor Sounds For No One" C20
905.80: Relentless Corpse + Ratatosk split C30
905.81: Circuit Wound + Wether split C20
905.82: Morally Gray "High Bias" C20
905.83: Andrew Coltrane "In Dreams We Channel The Fligth Of The Blind" C35 & C30
905.84: Vales "Dual Graves" C20
905.85: Totem Mold Growth "Like A Baby" 3xC32 & Booklet
905.86: Bacteria Cult "A Snake On The Ledge Of The Burning Building" C20
905.87: Chapels "Heave The Hive With New Bees" C20
905.88: Matthew Riley "Crestabutte" C92
905.89: Mike Shiflet "Cycles" C23
905.90: Arabian Blade + Joe Breitenbach split C92
905.91: Wasteland Jazz Ensemble "It's The First Of The Month" C30
905.92: Ay/Arc with Skin Graft "Psychotropical/Psychoerotic" C50 & C30 Box
905.93: Wether "Mountain For A Picnic" C30

905.94: Boyz s/t C20
905.95: Head Boggle + Hollow Bonez split C30
905.96: Big China & Little Trouble "The White Tiger" C30
905.97: V/A "Brains On Backwash II: Exile On Brain Street" C94 Comp
905.98: Form A Log + Totem Mold Growth split C20
905.99: Steve Kenney "Outside The Circles Of Time" C20
905.100: V/A "Deaf In The Valley" 2xC30 & Art Zine Box Set (released in 2009)
905.101: Teeth Collection "905.101" C62
905.102: 2673 "When The Sinew Is Cut, The Limbs Soon Relax" C30
905.103: Andrew Coltrane + Wether split C20
905.104: Family Treasures + Hunted Creatures split C20
905.105: Totem Mold Growth "Straight-Internet-Copy" 2xC32
905.106: Mick Barr "Brave Grave #2: Guitar" C92
905.107: Dogbox s/t C62
905.108: Roman Wolfe "Ylem" C62
905.109: Totem Mold Growth "Verl Splurt" C92
905.110: Roped Off + Picasso Trigger split C30
905.111: Red Electric Rainbow "LSD Sunshine" C35
905.112: Wretched Worst "The Deadness" C62
905.113: Cave "II" C25
905.114: Joe Breitenbach "Finishes" C23
905.115: Totem Mold Growth "Mountain Dewds" C20
905.116: Black Roller Crop Rotation "Music For Cutters" C62
905.117: Dark Hair "Birth Rug" C50
905.118: Wether + Unicron split C62
905.119: Sean McCann "Allay" 2xC35
905.120: Vales + Minutiae split C35
905.121: Wether "Unnaturals" C47
905.122: Merzbow "9888A" C44
905.123: Collapsed Arc "In Confidence" C20
905.124: Pine Smoke Lodge "The Final Clear Water Nightsky" C47
905.125: Staplerfahrer "Spring Fever" C28
905.126: Dog Lady "Were We Weakened By The Rising Beating Against The Seawall" C30
905.127: Garrincha & The Stolen Elk "Black Sambo/White Mamba" C21
905.128: Ben Billington "Brave Grave #3: Drums" C92
905.129: Battleship "Neon Ranch" C20
905.130: Hunted Creatures + Blown Doors split C62
905.131: Joe Breitenbach + Sky Limousine + Plasmic Formations + Xiphiidae "Infinite Species" 4way 2xC30 (released in 2011)
905.132: Endless Time "Force" C62

905.133: Ajilvsga "Black Sky Monster" C28
905.134: Black Onyx "Sext" C30
905.135: Josh Lay + Wyatt Howland split C50
905.136: V/A "Brains On Backwash III: Backwash To The Future!" C100 Comp
905.137: Developer "905.137" C41
905.138: Quicksails “Vermillion” C21
905.139: 70’s Era Pink Floyd “Mechanical Cannibals” C30
905.140: Burak s/t C30
905.141: Cornucopia “Quasar” C21
905.142: Aieyiyiyi “Manners” C24
905.143: Spectrum Tickets "Lamb Patterns" C35
905.144: Meaning "The Beginning Is The End Of The Beginnign Of The End" C62
905.145: Derek Rogers "From The World We Hid" C30
905.146: Dirty Hole "Fudge Box" C62
905.147: Andreas Brandal "More Or Less" C49
905.148: Shingles "White Out" C30
905.149: Winter Ritual "Between Light" C30
905.150: Ophibre "Psyllium Husks" C38
905.151: Zinc Hoarder "Dusted Membrane" C24
905.152: Chapels + Sound Out Light split C41
905.153: Fun & Head Molt "Halftone Mud" collaboration C20
905.154: Rust Worship + Daniel J. Moore split C44
905.155: Motem Gold Trowth "Splur Interrupter" C35
905.156: Grasshopper "Classical Music" C20
905.157: Opponents "Scopes Sarcophagus" C44

905.158: 2673 + David Sutton split C62
905.159: Grass Traffic "Neighbored Watch" C30
905.160: Weirding Module "Peace Offering" C57
905.161: Alex Homan "That is No Way To Talk To A Lady" C38
905.162: Cruudeuces "St. James" C21
905.163: Hobo Cubes "Ciel Optique" 4xC20
905.164: M. Geddes Genras "Systems 1" 3xCS
905.165: Roman Wolfe "Ylem" C30
905.166: V/A "Trips" 2xC31
905.167: Wether + Parashi split C57
905.168: Sparkling Wide Pressure "Past Master" C31
905.169: Vales "Pentress" C49
905.170: Mike Shiflet "Nature Seen" C20
905.171: Derek Rogers "Of Weight, Phantom Pain" C62
905.173: Aevitas "Searching For A Nail In A Pile Of Needles" C22

905.174: Grant Evans "Dappled With Mock Orange" C34
905.175: Wether "Lighten Lift" C40
905.176: bbob And RRRyan "Bean Stew" C44
905.177: Hobo Cubes + Vales split C80

905.178: Headboggle / Collin McKelvey split C60
905.179: Andrew Kirschner "Patient" C31
905.180: Afterlife / Roped Off split C29
905.181: Steve Kenney "Night Warning" C30
905.182: Witchbeam "Tales Of The Ghede Zodiac" C30
905.183: Mister Matthews "10 Cuba Libres" C30
905.184: Charles Barabé "Stigamtes" C50
905.185: Millions "The Message" C24
905.186: Joe Bastardo & Howard Stelzer "At Ease" C56
905.187: German Army 'Pennantia" C24

905.188: Shredderghost "Accretion" C32
905.189: Adderall Canyonly / Yves Malone split C65