Quicksails 'Spillage' C34 (Tranquility)
A monster percussionist for the furious jazz trio Tiger Hatchery, Chicago's Ben Billington has built an impressive catalog over the past few years as Quicksails by bringing his chops to the solo synthesizer game. Those familiar with the project's kaleidoscopic swirl of synths and hand percussion will find plenty to love on Spillage. With remarkable ability to juggle so many different elements in each composition, what might sound like a mess in less capable hands flows gloriously with Billington at the helm. There are moments of surprise here as well, with certain tracks showing a much more restrained palate than usual and introducing piano as well as vocals by Emme Williams into the mix. Altogether this an extended half hour of beautiful chaos you'll want to pour over you again and again. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

Witchbeam 'Shadow Musick Vol. 2' C30 (Tranquility)
At long last, we're thrilled to share the second volume of Witchbeam's Shadow Musick series. Fans of the first volume will find plenty to love here as Witchbeam explores new realms of dark noise and even ventures into some unanticipated genres along the way. Vol. 2 features an especially potent blend of minimal synth exercises, eerily melodic drones, and pummeling rhythms. The tape is filled to the brim with mysterious sounds that will creep down your spine and disorient you with their delightful use of the stereo field. Shutter the windows, light some candles, pour a glass of your favorite spirits, and let yourself be intoxicated by the sounds of the shadows. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

OLD SVRFERS 'Ain't Scared of Shaka' C41 (Tranquility)
OLD SVRFERS is the years-in-the-making collaborative brainchild of Josh Mason and Brad Rose (Charlatan, Altar Eagle). While elements of each musician's signature sound are evident across Ain't Scared of Shaka – such as Mason's fragile nostalgia or Rose's burly synth squall – OLD SVRFERS is its own beast altogether. There's a lot of playful contradiction throughout, with wistful melodies sampled from days gone by dipping right into rhythmic, clanging industrial vibes. At once confounding, familiar, visceral, and relaxing, Mason and Rose have combined their sonic powers to create an unexpected and entirely compelling journey that shreds from start to finish. The boards are waxed. The waves are crashing. SVRF'S VP. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

Derek Rogers / Rambutan split C62 (Tape Drift)
Another visit from TD alum Derek Rogers is cause for celebration. In the intervening years since “Petit Chapeau”, Rogers has made an indelible mark on the DIY/drone worlds, showing a growth and development only possible with someone who takes their craft this seriously. This tape is a perfect distillation of Derek’s gently overdriven melodic sensibilities. Ever patient, he masterfully wraps his sounds in soft blankets of fuzz that cascade over the listener until the known world disappears and all that’s left is a gorgeous landscape of sonic majesty. Essential listening.

Wether 'Take Notes' C26 (A Giant Fern)
Recorded September & October, 2014 @ 905 HQ.
"Take Notes" - Mister Matthews

Heat Conference 'Hot Fruit' C35 (Baked)
edition of 50 copies

Good Willsmith 'Aquarium Guru Shares The Secret Tactic' C44 (Baked)
edition of 75 copies

Parashi 'Pilot's Salt' LP (Retrograde)
Pilot’s Salt finds Parashi utilizing modular synths, tape, metal objects, & noise generators to further his technique of improvised sound as defined by the interactions of the sonic elements within.

G.S. Sultan 'intermediate mv. (demonstration)' CS (Nada)
G.S. Sultan (member of the Post-internet art collective Brad grammar) utilizes a number of computer processes to create soundscapes that are at times beautiful, disorienting, musical, and humorous. Sampling material is extracted from solo improvisations sourced off the net and then processed and arranged, thereby creating an “orchestra” from otherwise remote performers.

Roped Off 'Roped Off Reaches The Final Number' C45 (Patient Sounds)
Two zoners with egregious reputations (Mike Haley & Dave Doyen) combine forces to create two side-long synth mind-field wormholes. Or are they mine fields? Mind craft? Minefeel? Ow. Sound the alarm, the clock is ticking, as time trickles out, will you reach the final number?

Surgical Renaissance 'VI: Dedicated to Dr. Donald Kahl' 2xC30 (Lighten Up Sounds)
Double whammy cacophony, deep maroon gash against virgin white field. Raging session of crude slice and attack from harsh noise duo Matt Mayer (NNA Tapes, A Snake In The Garden) & Michael Timmers (Lord Bird, LBGC). Nasty fresh wound of Vermont, acrid disinfectant / sharpened steel! Matched set of two black shell c30‘s w/ black on black labels comes packaged in double-tall clear Norelco cases. Each copy includes free download code for two hypno-therapy sessions beneficial for true bettering of self. Full color cardstock J-card features photo of antique field surgery kit. Hand-numbered edition of 30, rusted scalpel cuts deep.
German Army 'T’rung' C40 (Lighten Up Sounds)
Straight burner from the shadows of Southern California. German Army has been producing a furious stream of liquid electro/industrial jams over the last few years. This newest cassette album captures a perfect mixture of field recordings with cold synth groove, beat creep and careful vocal fry. Very tasty. Pro-duplicated and imprinted opaque yellow shell cobalt c40 cassette comes packaged with hand screen-printed yellow>orange “dunes” cardstock J-card with fold out 2” x 8” insert on bright yellow art paper. Hand-numbered edition of 100. Hovercraft cruise hour just got a bit more comfortable.
Men Of Science 'Antiseptic' C44 (Lighten Up Sounds)
Medicinal dirt for cure all home remedies. Men of Science is the collaborative duo of Andreas Brandal and Matthew Himes. Crude violin scrape, heavy handed tape mangle and gruesome drone nightmare elevates to alchemic trance. Recorded in Minnesota and Norway 2013. Real time duplicated translucent red shell cassette with red and white labels comes swaddled in sterile gauze with stark first aid J-card. Hand numbered edition of 50. Manual upkeep for perpetually broken bodies.
Derek Rogers/Sindre Bjerga split C42 (Obsolete Units)
Derek Rogers and Sindre Bjerga are two of the more ubiquitous and exceptional presences in the realm of modern drone composition, with both forging their own prolifically distinctive identifies among the dignitaries of the experimental underground. This split release finds both musicians operating at their strongest, with each crafting their own long-form statement that aptly provides perhaps a definitive entry-point for those who’ve yet to delve into both Rogers’ and Bjerga’s dense and diverse catalogs. Rogers’ side welds his gorgeous and hypnotic guitar work over a platform of excitingly unwieldy digital glitches, resulting in a distinctly gorgeous composition that recalls Christian Fennesz at his most contemplative. Bjerga’s piece documents a live performance from a few years ago in the Ukraine, with dynamic and pulsating electronic drones working a concurrent mood of serenity while also exploring a more abstract intensity that builds throughout underneath. A crucial testimony from this pair of absorbing performers. Edition of 100.
Karl Fousek 'Codicil' C20 (Adhesive Sounds)
edition of 50 / tinted clear pink shells / pro-dubbed on cobalt

Body Lvl / Hobo Cubes split C30 (Adhesive Sounds)
edition of 50 / color jcard and labels / pro-dubbed on cobalt

Demonstration Synthesis 'DS11' C40 (Adhesive Sounds)
edition of 50 / color jcard and labels / pro-dubbed on cobalt

Wether 'Alien Lizard' C30 (Adhesive Sounds)
edition of 50 / color jcard and labels / pro-dubbed on cobalt

Maharadja Sweets 'The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside' C48 (Moss Archive)
"An uncanny tale about a small tape label and the lengths at which they will go for their vision. Richard immediately cuts to the core of what it is for us to share creation and ultimately thrive as humans. Featuring a stark and utterly beautiful theme song made with Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records, Cream Juice)."

Floralplasm 'Algaeic' C40 (self released)
Jamie Orlando: Synth, Processing, Trumpet, Hand Drum
Ian Franklin: Synth, Contact Mic, Processing

Grasshopper 'Dark Sabbath: Symbols of Evil' LP (Hausu Mountain)
"slow-brooding exercises in tonal juxtaposition and structural drama, building from fields of pure texture and disfigured synthesis into crushing fanfares of trumpet-charged triumph best suited to herald the dawn of the apocalypse. Manning an intricate rig of boutique synthesizers designed by Telecult Powers spirit guide Mr. Matthews, DeRosa spews forth finely grained drone voices and keening oscillator bursts alongside the output of his trumpet and Electronic Valve Instrument (a synthetic trumpet known for its alien tones)."

Tiger Village 'V' C43 (Hausu Mountain)
"Thornton’s compositions dart through progressively complex passages animated by iridescent leads and structural feints that shatter our expectations of any logical resolution. Disparate drum patterns layer together into rhythmic organisms that clatter through his busy mixes in a state of constant flux. Fragmented melodies pop into view amid panning drone pads and arpeggios, subsuming quadrants of the spread into dense harmonic clusters possessed of too much detail to fully glean on first playback. "

Dreamcrusher 'Suicide Delxue' C42 (Hausu Mountain)
"Dreamcrusher bashes through the mutant techno idiom from multiple points of attack, boosting the noise factor beyond any conception of sanity while honing their compositions into tightly structured corruptions of the pop form."

Mukqs 'どうか Please Can You Keep My Secret' C35 (Patient Sounds)
Mukqs (Max Allison of Good Willsmith / Hausu Mountain) shares first material on Patient Sounds with this tape. The two sides act as two modes, one focused on information sharing, sampled melodies, isolation, low frequencies...the other a rippling jaunt into screeching vocal noise, decapitation, tape sound execution. Two edges to a blade. Soft yarn, soft light, soft blood.

夕方の犬 (Dog in the evening) 'mb_s_4_ch' C48 (Patient Sounds)
This shadowy and prolific Japanese producer appears with their first proper release. Harkening to fleeting emotional anime soundtrack motifs, minimal luminous midi tone phrase clusters, languid sampling atmosphere. The pang of evening lights. A child speaks. The bittersweet dog in a walking apparatus. Memory is an orange I peeled. Morose white blue.