Shredderghost 'Accretion' C32 (905 Tapes)
After a heavy dosing of self released activity over the last couple of years, and some recent jams on Power Moves Label and Invisible City, Ian Franklin finally joins the 905 squad with "Accretion". Two side long burners spread out like a moldy tapestry, loose threads and dust fanning in humid whiffs. Modular synth, acoustic guitar, field recordings. Limited to 50 copies.

Roped Off 'Roped Off Is Waiting For Your Challenge!!' C57 (Hausu Mountain)
"The duo's newest free-fall into the synth abyss. The tape showcases an unlikely fusion of modern modular synthesis and vintage 8-bit textures, inspired by the visual and sonic aesthetics of the classic Nintendo game Punch Out! Over the course of two side-long live sessions, each stretching past 25 minutes, the duo conjure expanding webs of cavernous synth abstraction flecked with bit-crushed video game samples that sound out over swathes of distortion and reverb.."

Wether 'Organics' C26 (Oxtail Recordings)
"Gurgling, burping, sneezing synth workouts straight out of a Y3K biology textbook. Dive deep into what it means to be human with cyborg Haley as your guide. Recommended if you're made of water and shit rotting away a little bit every day."

Heat Conference 'Hot Fruit' C35 (Baked)
edition of 50 copies

Parashi 'Pilot's Salt' LP (Retrograde)
Pilot’s Salt finds Parashi utilizing modular synths, tape, metal objects, & noise generators to further his technique of improvised sound as defined by the interactions of the sonic elements within.

Roped Off 'Roped Off Reaches The Final Number' C45 (Patient Sounds)
Two zoners with egregious reputations (Mike Haley & Dave Doyen) combine forces to create two side-long synth mind-field wormholes. Or are they mine fields? Mind craft? Minefeel? Ow. Sound the alarm, the clock is ticking, as time trickles out, will you reach the final number?

Grasshopper 'Dark Sabbath: Symbols of Evil' LP (Hausu Mountain)
"slow-brooding exercises in tonal juxtaposition and structural drama, building from fields of pure texture and disfigured synthesis into crushing fanfares of trumpet-charged triumph best suited to herald the dawn of the apocalypse. Manning an intricate rig of boutique synthesizers designed by Telecult Powers spirit guide Mr. Matthews, DeRosa spews forth finely grained drone voices and keening oscillator bursts alongside the output of his trumpet and Electronic Valve Instrument (a synthetic trumpet known for its alien tones)."

Mukqs 'どうか Please Can You Keep My Secret' C35 (Patient Sounds)
Mukqs (Max Allison of Good Willsmith / Hausu Mountain) shares first material on Patient Sounds with this tape. The two sides act as two modes, one focused on information sharing, sampled melodies, isolation, low frequencies...the other a rippling jaunt into screeching vocal noise, decapitation, tape sound execution. Two edges to a blade. Soft yarn, soft light, soft blood.

Charles Barabé 'Stigmates' C50 (905 Tapes)
Edition of 75 copies

Millions 'The Message' C24 (905 Tapes)
Edition of 75 copies

Joe Bastardo & Howard Stelzer 'At Ease' C56 (905 Tapes)
Edition of 75 copies

Giant Claw 'Dark Web' LP (Orange Milk)
Composed primarily through intricate MIDI notation and sampling, Dark Web could be viewed through the tradition of hyperrealism, where established cultural tropes and recordings are cut up and stitched back together as new compositional tools. Dark Web expands the concept by muddling the line between sampled material and newly composed fragments, packing realities and layers of cultural data into each musical instance.

Jerry Paper 'Big Pop For Chamaleon World' LP (Orange Milk)
Jerry Paper’s Big Pop For Chameleon World is a sonic riddle. Through both lyrics and specific timbral choices (a marked shift to digital synthesizer from Jerry’s earlier analog work), the album deals with themes of simulacra, an inter-dimensional infinite man existing in a finite world, the discomfort of existence in Body World, and love as the pinnacle of our time here. It is a continuation of Jerry’s ongoing attempt to ‘talk about’ the anti-logic of mystical experience through the ‘grammar’ of pop music, this time using album-form and timbre as a more central part of the overall language of the work.

Parashi 'Extra Dimensions' CS (2:00AM Tapes)
Two new side long soundscapes from Mr. Mike Griffin (Skell LLC). Put your 4D glasses on. Shits coming right...beround you? How does 4D work?

Radio Shock 'Romanse is the Death of Intellect' C24 (Suite 309)
"Using a ramshackle array of cheap, beat-up electronics, a guitar and lots of neon tape, MP Lockwood is Radio Shock. Most of these songs follow a loose pop structure, with unruly synths almost always bubbling over the mix. Guitar is incorporated in several ways, from no-wave noise to fractured post-punk to Andrew WK-esque riffing."

Splice Girls s/t C34 (Suite 309)
"A song-by-song re-imagining of the Spice Girls' debut album using tape in place of a sampler. Mel D - Tapes, Mel Z - Mix. The flip side is the first side in reverse."

Wether / Winter Ritual split C20 (Spirit Throne)
dive on in ~ ~ some deep-zone electronics from two delaware noise heads. one burner from wether / 3 from winter ritual. 

Scammers 'Cover You' CS (Field Hymns)
"Scammers is the man who puts ice to your your chest after a five hour rave. Scammers is the man who fills your coffee order at 7 in the morning and still has glitter in his eyebrows. Scammers is the man who uses sly innuendo as a razor blade. Scammers is the man who resents everything you are and hates what you have become. Scammers is insidious. Scammers works rank and file to bring the system down from within. In the very end you never would have known who it was if it wasn’t for the glitter…the damning glitter. But you never really got him anyway, did you?"

Cane Swords 'Temple Swords' CS (Field Hymns)
"Akron, Ohio synthesists Cane Swords return to ultra-terrestrial form with an analog odyssey of planetary drift and tindered timbre to fuel interstellar craft seeking deep space revelation. Washes of infinite blue light cool the jet stream as a profusion of electronic sounds wobble cosmic in long form meditations and bursts of sonic spasm. Like a soundtrack to a lost Painlevé film about the deepest riches of hyperdimensional scuba diving heard through beams of teslascope and fractured telegraph — Temple Swords elicits wonder in the true face of the infinite. Requisite listening for deep winter nights both in Sol system and abroad."

Jeremy Bible 'Collisions' C50 (False)
"Edition of 90 pro-dubbed hi bias chrome C50 cassettes in hot stamped black gloss black boxes with cotton insert, card insert, and belly band. Remastered, edited, and extended. Collisions is a binaural work originally conceived for a live quad surround sound performance presented at Akron's Rubber City Noise on Saturday June 8th 2013. Elements of field recordings, digital & analog noise, subtle pitch and millisecond timing offsets, fatiguing frequencies, razor sharp sound design and occasional generative elements culled from sound installation projects. Sewn together through thoughtful composition, sharp contrasts and jarring arrangements."

Steve Kenney 'Night Warning' C30 (905 Tapes)
Raw mind control synth drone. Runs down the walls like an opiate sap. Kenney do it? Yes he can. Edition of 75 copies. Pro-dubbed.

Jerry Paper 'Feels Emotions' LP (Patient Sounds)
"Debut vinyl LP from Earth's own and only 11th dimension pop artist, Jerry Paper (host body: Lucas Nathan). 12 interdimensional crooners for dancing sensually. Synthesizer communication hybrid. What does it mean to be a person living with technology? How confused can you be before you get randy and write a jingle? Who's Randy? I'm Jerry, Right?" Edition of 300 copies

Headboggle / Collin McKelvey split C60 (905 Tapes)
30 minutes each of squishy synth work from Headboggle & Collin McKelvey. Hboggle offers up six monsters, a mixture of live sets, sessions at colleges, and jams with buds. Shannon Kerrigan, John Elliott, and Jeff Hatfield all showing their mugs. McKelvey burns through one half hour of every changing textured layers. Pro dubbed, edition of 100. Comes with download code. Click here to stream/purchase digital.

Andrew Kirschner 'Patient' C31 (905 Tapes)
Ohio dirt devil AK drags electronics through the mud creating crude, blistered soundscapes. Totally clear shells with imprinting on the B side, covered with labels, visiable through the cassette. Pro dubbed, edition of 50. Comes with download code. Click here to stream/purchase digital.

Afterlife / Roped Off split C29 (905 Tapes)
Slowly unwinding, elated-meets-somber vibes from Afterlife. Roped Off goes on a weirdo modular synth/electronics joy ride. Pro dubbed, edition of 100. Comes with download code. Click here to stream/download digital.