Jean-Sébastien Truchy 'Neither' CS (Sic Sic)
Surprise, surprise: this is the SicSic tape you possibly didn’t expect! Dense industrial noises accompanied by an extraordinary modern-classical voice. A ghostly and stark music, yet full of detail: a richly textured sonic landscape. And highly conceptual, too! Because the music is based on an opera Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett did back in the days!

The Original Flowering Earth / Kyle Landstra split CS (Sic Sic)
Two sides of excellent cosmic drone jams. Mind melting and mesmerizing music to listen to while having a cold beer on your back porch and watching the daisies bloom. Suddenly Werner Herzog’s sitting next to you talking about the obscenity of the jungle. Is it the beer or the music? We don’t know, but we highly recommend to try this at home, kids!

Giant Claw 'Dark Web' LP (Orange Milk)
Composed primarily through intricate MIDI notation and sampling, Dark Web could be viewed through the tradition of hyperrealism, where established cultural tropes and recordings are cut up and stitched back together as new compositional tools. Dark Web expands the concept by muddling the line between sampled material and newly composed fragments, packing realities and layers of cultural data into each musical instance.

Jerry Paper 'Big Pop For Chamaleon World' LP (Orange Milk)
Jerry Paper’s Big Pop For Chameleon World is a sonic riddle. Through both lyrics and specific timbral choices (a marked shift to digital synthesizer from Jerry’s earlier analog work), the album deals with themes of simulacra, an inter-dimensional infinite man existing in a finite world, the discomfort of existence in Body World, and love as the pinnacle of our time here. It is a continuation of Jerry’s ongoing attempt to ‘talk about’ the anti-logic of mystical experience through the ‘grammar’ of pop music, this time using album-form and timbre as a more central part of the overall language of the work.

Charles Barabé 'Dates & Confessions' CS (Tranquility)
Hailing from Victoriaville, Charles Barabé is a unique standout among a crop of incredibly talented rising experimental musicians based in the province of Quebec. Dates & Confessions features an eclectic and ecstatic variety of sounds that add up to one beautifully disorienting release. The cassette consists of four "Dates", which are tightly composed melodic pieces featuring synthesizers, found sounds, subtle acoustic instrumentation, and Barabé's heavily vocoded voice. Six "Confessions" round out the affair with looser, more improvisational and dissonant approaches to synthesis that act as appropriate foils. With the keen ability to combine elements of musique concrète, modern composition, prog, and much more, Barabé continually ratchets up the intensity throughout the release, leading up to a gorgeous, spacious finale that allows you to catch your breath and reflect on all that came before.

Cenote Glow 'Musa Paradisiaca' C60 (Tranquility)
The first release from Cenote Glow in about a year, Musa Paradisiaca blends synthesis and field recordings for a deep tropical journey. With sounds both captured in Mexico and recorded in Brooklyn, the release evokes the enriching warmth of the Yucatán Peninsula at times and the darker heart of the natural world at others. Sonically, found sounds are featured more in the foreground than previous Cenote Glow excursions, as musical passages flow between melodic effervescence, oceanic drones, and hypnotic whirlpools of abstract sound. Come ashore for an hour of memories and interpretations inspired by the uniquely beautiful land known as Quintana Roo.

Parashi 'Extra Dimensions' CS (2:00AM Tapes)
Two new side long soundscapes from Mr. Mike Griffin (Skell LLC). Put your 4D glasses on. Shits coming right...beround you? How does 4D work?

Giant Claw '22M Never Felt So Alone' C24 (Suite 309)
"Four dancefloor anthems like only Keith Rankin can deliver. Plays like a 12" of extended Giant Claw dance mixes."

Radio Shock 'Romanse is the Death of Intellect' C24 (Suite 309)
"Using a ramshackle array of cheap, beat-up electronics, a guitar and lots of neon tape, MP Lockwood is Radio Shock. Most of these songs follow a loose pop structure, with unruly synths almost always bubbling over the mix. Guitar is incorporated in several ways, from no-wave noise to fractured post-punk to Andrew WK-esque riffing."

Splice Girls s/t C34 (Suite 309)
"A song-by-song re-imagining of the Spice Girls' debut album using tape in place of a sampler. Mel D - Tapes, Mel Z - Mix. The flip side is the first side in reverse."

Wether "Alien Lizard" C32 (Adhesive Sounds)
edition of 50 / color jcard and labels / pro-dubbed on cobalt

Wether / Sugarm split C25 (2:00AM Tapes)
"Two turkeys talkin smack in Blamperville. Currently competing for The Internets highest score" - label description

Wes Tirey / Andrew Weathers split CS (Scissor Tail Editions)
"Wes Tirey has teamed up with North Carolinian Andrew Weathers to put out an experimental folk/drone split on Scissor Tail Records. Tirey’s track, ‘My Grandfather’s 12 Gauge,’ is the shorter of the two, despite clocking in at over ten minutes. Listeners familar with his traditional sound will be delighted with the intricate guitar work that conjures images of a dusty, all-American west. Weathers’ ‘Stay 100,’ which notches an impressive twenty minutes, is more of an electronic folk song, with his guitar work supported by gentle drone. It’s interesting how both tracks play off one another, with the slight changes highlighting the progression of conventional folk music. It would be interesting to see the idea taken further, starting with Tirey’s classical finger-picking and eneding with electonic and/or rock music, with each track tracing a step in th evolution and development of traditional folk music."

Wether / Winter Ritual split C20 (Spirit Throne)
dive on in ~ ~ some deep-zone electronics from two delaware noise heads. one burner from wether / 3 from winter ritual. 

Witchbeam / Mister Matthews split CS (Hausu Mountain)
"Volume 8 of the Mugen Series splits the almighty drone/noise duo Telecult Powers into its respective halves – Witchbeam and Mr. Matthews – and casts them out into the void for searing sessions of solo synthesis."

Quicksails / Headboggle split CS (Hausu Mountain)
"Volume 6 of the Mugen Series unites Headboggle (Derek Gedalecia) and Quicksails (Ben Billington), two veterans of the experimental underground and prodigal sons of Ohio, for a split tape of mind-expanding synthesis on the maximal and minimal poles of the spectrum."

Jerry Paper / Andy Boay split C30 (Hausu Mountain)
Two of Brooklyn’s finest mages each turn in a sidelong sonic exploration. Jerry Paper continues the arc of his squelchy romance, and Andy Boay (of Tonstartssbandht) streaks across the great American plains.

Moth Cock 'Twofer Tuesday' C40 (Hausu Mountain)
Across a sprawling infinity of basement sessions and dozens of limited-run releases since 2009, Moth Cock have honed their fractured jams into a maximized assault on [normalcy] ["good taste"] [all that is holy]. The Kent, OH-based duo’s symbiotic live performance tactics congeal into slabs of grab-bag noise mayhem, intent on further addling the minds of a growing demographic of droopy-eyed heads from the US midwest underground and across the free world.

German Army 'Tassili Plateau' CS (Field Hymns)
"Enigmatic California duo German Army creates often-portentous music illuminated by fading cultural voices and barren, shifting lands. Following a dizzying array of tapes, CDs and LPs in the last three years, the first four GeAr cassettes of 2014 share broader musical approaches. And collectively, they suggest a system of conceptual continuity that’s just begging to be deciphered with a Walkman and a few batteries. Our humble release of the quartet, “Tassili Plateau,” feels like the keystone of them all, music and message(s?) slowly coming into focus. Short, taut songs, visited by Bollywood dervishes with freckles of exotica, buttressed by fried drum machines lifted from the quarterdeck of Captain (Richard H) Kirk himself, and musically expanded to allow for moments of warmth and redemption, this might be the best outing by German Army yet."

Scammers 'Cover You' CS (Field Hymns)
"Scammers is the man who puts ice to your your chest after a five hour rave. Scammers is the man who fills your coffee order at 7 in the morning and still has glitter in his eyebrows. Scammers is the man who uses sly innuendo as a razor blade. Scammers is the man who resents everything you are and hates what you have become. Scammers is insidious. Scammers works rank and file to bring the system down from within. In the very end you never would have known who it was if it wasn’t for the glitter…the damning glitter. But you never really got him anyway, did you?"

Cane Swords 'Temple Swords' CS (Field Hymns)
"Akron, Ohio synthesists Cane Swords return to ultra-terrestrial form with an analog odyssey of planetary drift and tindered timbre to fuel interstellar craft seeking deep space revelation. Washes of infinite blue light cool the jet stream as a profusion of electronic sounds wobble cosmic in long form meditations and bursts of sonic spasm. Like a soundtrack to a lost Painlevé film about the deepest riches of hyperdimensional scuba diving heard through beams of teslascope and fractured telegraph — Temple Swords elicits wonder in the true face of the infinite. Requisite listening for deep winter nights both in Sol system and abroad."

Jeremy Bible 'Collisions' C50 (False)
"Edition of 90 pro-dubbed hi bias chrome C50 cassettes in hot stamped black gloss black boxes with cotton insert, card insert, and belly band. Remastered, edited, and extended. Collisions is a binaural work originally conceived for a live quad surround sound performance presented at Akron's Rubber City Noise on Saturday June 8th 2013. Elements of field recordings, digital & analog noise, subtle pitch and millisecond timing offsets, fatiguing frequencies, razor sharp sound design and occasional generative elements culled from sound installation projects. Sewn together through thoughtful composition, sharp contrasts and jarring arrangements."

Wether - House Worms C17 (La Cohu)
two oil-soaked synth workout sessions on a limited edition cassette. this was released as part of la cohu's spring 2014 batch. artwork by mike haley.

Zaïmph & Yek Koo – L’interieur De La Vue C30 (Obsolete Units)
"A studious and strange meeting of two renowned minds of experimental sound, L’interieur De La Vue is a thrillingly unforeseen detour into minimalistic spontaneity from acclaimed and prolific NYC musician Marcia Bassett (Zaimph, Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ) and celebrated Los Angeles cacophonous-psych-explorer Helga Fassonaki (Yek Koo, Metal Rouge). Unlike the constant ethereal burn on Bassett’s guitar/synth drone works or Fassonaki’s overpowering and staggering reinvention of otherworldly experimental rock, the two performances here present a startlingly spacious platform for more patient, contemplative restraints. Bassett’s electronics ebb into harmonious intertwinement with Fassonaki’s deconstructed trumpet inspection, the flow of both these paradoxically serene and scraping tonalities finding a sturdy synergistic ground. Those immersed in the works of Idea Fire Company, Greg Kelley, and AMM should take notice. Edition of 100."

Vales 'Galapaghost' C50 (2:00 AM)
"Exotic modular synth explorations for your late night island experience. Ditch the Corona and chug the psychoactive slime."